Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sportsbook Report: Portland Pilots (-7.5) vs. Santa Clara Broncos

By Wally Jeter

Good news, Kevin Bailey is probable for the game tonight! Does that mean he will start? Does that mean he will come off the bench? Does that mean he will see major minutes? F if I know. With or without him I think the Pilots will win tonight but I am sure am happy to have a little extra fire power. Hopefully he won't drag the Pilots down while he's shaking a bit of the rust off.

Santa Clara should be a worthy opponent tonight, they are stuck in the middle of the WCC much like the Pilots and San Diego (Pepperdine may be with or slightly above this class) where they continually get beat down by BYU, the Zags, and St. Mary's but also will get easy wins against SF, LMU and Pacific. So this game should be close but hopefully the Pilots will be ahead late in this game and then Santa Clara will keep fouling Alec Wintering until I hit payday. Take the Pilots!

Pilots Courtside bet: Pilots -7.5

(Season record on Courtside Bets 5-5-1)