Sunday, January 25, 2015

Game Notes: Portland Pilots vs. St. Mary's Gaels

By Wally Jeter

  • Well at least it seems that Thomas van der Mars has his groove back. His 16 points / 13 rebounds was especially impressive since it was against All-WCC performer Brad Waldow. Let's hope it continues through the second half of the WCC schedule.
  • Coach Reveno decided to keep the roster tight tonight. Very little Aitor and no Tyson. Seems that when trying to mount a comeback that a little Tyson could have been worth a look, especially with Bobby Sharp coming out flat.
  • Not a bad effort against a top tier WCC team, although the WCC is quickly becoming Gonzaga and everybody else. If the Pilot's could play all game like they do in the last 10 minutes then this would be an amazing team.

Saint Mary's Gaels
Garrett Jackson, F278-101-11-24480022518
Desmond Simmons, F332-42-30-0099200146
Brad Waldow, F357-160-05-72791022319
Aaron Bright, G312-60-24-4011210358
Kerry Carter, G343-61-35-72574102412
Jock Landale, C41-20-00-0022000002
Calvin Hermanson, F10-00-00-0000000000
Dane Pineau, F70-30-10-0044000020
Emmett Naar, G271-51-36-10033410019
Treaven Duffy, G10-00-00-0000000000
Portland Pilots
Thomas van der Mars, C316-150-04-8310130130416
Volodymyr Gerun, F221-40-00-0123010122
Alec Wintering, G372-91-25-62134101210
Kevin Bailey, G234-163-62-41341002313
Bryce Pressley, G304-83-47-92243000218
Philipp Hartwich, C80-00-00-0123001020
Gabe Taylor, F91-10-00-0000000012
Bobby Sharp, G121-61-50-0022100033
Aitor Zubizarreta, G30-00-00-0000100020
Jason Todd, G250-40-10-0257200120
 Technical Fouls: PLAYERS: None - TEAMS: None
 Officials: Tom Nunez, Coban Lopez, Rob Rorke
 Attendance: 2,883