Saturday, December 27, 2014

Game Notes: Portland Pilots vs. San Diego Toreros

By Wally Jeter

  • Fact: Alec Wintering is a Bad Mother Fucker. It probably even says so on this wallet.
  • Fact: No way there was 1,400 people at this game. Maybe 500 max and they only had 3 cheerleaders. 
  • Pilots on paper should not have won this game. 19 turnovers! I can't even count how many turnovers came off of lazy passes to the top of the key. It was nuts. But surprising instead of yaking this game away at the end as the Pilots want to do, they decided to come back. Led by Pressley, Gerun, and ultimately Wintering, the Pilots stole this game away from the Toreros
  • Pilots did a great job of denying Johnny Dee tonight, he never seemed to get comfortable. And after a hot first half, they even shut down Birdman.
  • Thomas van der Mars was no where to be seen tonight. Only 2 points in 26 minutes. He saw double teams all night, and constantly passed out of the pressure. 
  • This team has found its identity with a no stars mentality. Without Kevin Bailey the scoring has been spread evenly amongst Wintering and the rest of the upper class men. They have even found a spark with Freshman shooter D'Marques Tyson (Portland's resident irrational confidence guy). They have found success finding the hot hand every night and going there. Or like tonight when there is no hot hand, everyone took turns being the hero. 
  • Now we have BYU and Gonzaga back to back. We'll see who wants to be a hero now.

Portland Pilots
Thomas van der Mars, C261-50-00-0167002142
Volodymyr Gerun, F314-101-14-668142014213
Alec Wintering, G323-101-33-41231106310
Bobby Sharp, G313-52-30-0000010108
Bryce Pressley, G243-121-44-42352004011
Riley Barker, C221-40-00-1134002112
Gabe Taylor, F20-00-00-0011000100
D'Marques Tyson, G134-53-32-21120100113
Jason Todd, G191-30-00-0033120112
San Diego Toreros
Jito Kok, C221-50-01-2123002123
Thomas Jacobs, F265-90-02-24260003212
Christopher Anderson, G317-150-10-01452503214
Johnny Dee, G325-150-31-11233201111
Chris Sarbaugh, G243-61-10-0055220037
Simi Fajemisin, F31-10-00-0112000002
Brett Bailey, F150-20-00-0022110010
Brandon Perry, F152-60-00-1527000024
Duda Sanadze, G162-70-21-1123001135
Vasa Pusica, G90-20-00-0011000110
Marcus Harris, G70-20-20-0000000010
 Technical Fouls: PLAYERS: None - TEAMS: None
 Officials: Michael Reed, Glen Mayberry, Frank Harvey
 Attendance: 1,442