Saturday, November 15, 2014

Portland Pilots vs. Concordia Cavaliers: Game Notes

By Wally Jeter

Bailey is Back!
Last season before being sidelined with an injury, Kevin Bailey was having his most productive season as a Pilot (16.5 ppg). Friday night he picked right up where he left off, 22 points in 22 minutes. Some very efficient scoring against an over-matched Concordia (OR) team. Also, he can still dunk.

Gabe Taylor is going to see some minutes
The Freshman once again proved that he's going to be a valuable backup this year in the post. He is thriving on put backs and offensive rebounding. It's a hard transition for some of these guys who used to have the offensive run through them in high school and but this kid is different.

How good are they?
Still hard to tell just how good this team is, since it turned ugly real quick but Bailey and van der Mars are going to have to put up numbers every night and we're going to have to find some more points from someone. Gerun, Winters, Sharp???? We'll find out a little more next week.

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Concordia OR Cavaliers
Justyn Searle, C173-50-00-0145002126
Thomas Pierce, F211-51-23-4011141116
Esvan Middleton, F163-70-00-0246011246
Anthony Holton, G220-40-02-2011000012
Tyler Velasquez, G223-131-50-0112010527
Tyler Gutierrez, C160-20-03-4033000353
James Phillips, F100-20-11-6101010031
Kory Kirwan, F133-41-13-52020001110
John Erickson, G152-31-20-0011010115
Van Holloway, G70-10-10-0000000010
Zach Geary, G60-20-20-0000000010
Davis Nuaimi, G140-30-04-4011200114
Daniel Duitsman, G50-20-20-0011000000
Taylor Harris, G163-61-22-4112010209
Portland Pilots
Thomas van der Mars, F204-80-02-22790012110
Volodymyr Gerun, F144-50-01-2459421139
Alec Wintering, G203-60-10-0011220226
Kevin Bailey, G229-111-33-60223000022
Bryce Pressley, G242-62-42-2167420428
Philipp Hartwich, C112-30-00-3145001034
Riley Barker, C132-50-03-6415010137
Gabe Taylor, F193-70-00-0358111016
Max Livingston, G120-20-12-2000110002
Bobby Sharp, G180-60-40-0011210130
Aitor Zubizarreta, G121-10-01-2011210423
D'Marques Tyson, G93-51-30-0000000127
Jason Todd, G60-00-03-4011000013
 Technical Fouls: PLAYERS: 1 PORTLAND ( Sharp 1 ) - TEAMS: None
 Officials: Mark Cook, Brent Watts, Dennis Flannery
 Attendance: 1,622