Saturday, March 1, 2014

Portland Pilots vs Pacific Tigers: Game Notes

By Wally Jeter

The Pilots had the lead the entire 2nd half, it wasn't pretty but Thomas van der Mars and Bryce Pressley were doing just enough to keep them ahead. Then with about 3 minutes to go, shit went crazy and Pacifc surged back. Then they took the lead at the 2 minute mark, and with 8 seconds to go David Carr wanted to be the hero and took a three win the game, instead Riley Barker gets his rebound and puts it in for the lead. Then Andrew Bock takes it the length of the court and bulldozes into Bryce Pressley and get's the foul call. Crazy but probably a good call. Bock hits the 2 free throws and we're left with a full court pass attempt that get's intercepted. Is that really the best play we could draw up with 3 seconds left? Well we're playing next Thursday in the loser's division of the WCC tournament now. Let's hope for the return of Kevin Bailey and Alec Wintering to shake things up.

Portland Pilots
Thomas van der Mars, C327-120-03-31671112417
Ryan Nicholas, F343-81-43-41452002310
Bobby Sharp, G311-111-91-1044300014
David Carr, G332-60-20-0044401014
Bryce Pressley, G357-73-32-31014200319
Riley Barker, C223-60-03-4224002139
Volodymyr Gerun, F10-10-00-0011000000
Tanner Riley, G00-00-00-0000000100
Korey Thieleke, G120-00-02-2022110002
Pacific Tigers
Khalil Kelley, C181-50-00-0112212032
Trevin Harris, F287-115-80-01121002319
Tony Gill, F264-71-30-0257000019
Andrew Bock, G292-71-46-61456001111
Sama Taku, G303-80-12-3145200138
Tim Thomas, C50-10-00-0022000000
Gabriel Aguirre, F60-10-00-0011000110
Ross Rivera, F242-80-32-2112111036
Aaron Short, F131-11-12-2123110105
T.J. Wallace, G213-82-50-0033110018
 Technical Fouls: PLAYERS: None - TEAMS: None
 Officials: Tom Spitznagel, Ken Ditty, Scott Brown
 Attendance: 3,007