Monday, January 6, 2014

The Gonzaga Curse

By Wally Jeter

February 19th, 2003
It's been 3,976 days since we last beat Gonzaga. Over 10 years ago. That's a tough thing to write, because Gonzaga fans are so damn pompous. For some reason the fans call their school GU, but they fail to realize that there is only one GU, and that is Georgetown University. Georgetown gets dibs on the GU abbreviation because they won a NCAA title in 1984. When Gonzaga wins a national title, I will call them GU.
There's no video of it on youtube because in 2003 video camera technology had not yet reached Spokane. And also if you all remember 2003, the internet was only used for pornography in those days. Those were great days. But history has not completely erased such heroes as Geddis, Wilson, Jeter, Quick, and Frandsen. May your legends live on forever.....

Portland 72, Gonzaga 68
Preview - Box Score - Recap
 P Galos112-40-01-102020155
 D Geddis374-81-40-028350039
 D Wilson275-71-22-2142100413
 E Jeter III315-113-55-6041320318
 A Quick393-91-47-8024410114
 B Minor10-00-00-000000000
 A Gahlmann60-00-00-000000010
 K Aaker212-30-11-224010055
 C Frandsen273-72-50-001210028
 Percentages: FG .490, FT .842, 3PT .381 Team Rebounds: 6
 K Bankhead381-61-50-002101053
 C Violette253-100-13-5610011139
 R Turiaf378-150-113-168140320429
 W Brooks130-10-10-001112000
 B Stepp354-144-75-6014200217
 J Reisman100-20-10-002201120
 B Michaelson10-00-00-000000000
 T Skinner292-71-42-202210017
 Z Gourde121-10-01-101000123
 Percentages: FG .339, FT .800, 3PT .300 Team Rebounds: 3
 Game Info
Technical fouls: Gonzaga 1 (Team).
Attendance: 4,000.
Officials: Byrne Haskins, Tim Gabutero, Tom Nunez.
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January 9, 2010
The shot that would have forced overtime. Jared Stohl was only a reserve at this point. But it clanked off the rim, and my life was changed forever. This was the day I started to build my time machine.....

*Shout Out to contributor NoPoNeighbor for letting me know that I initially posted the 2010 Away Gonzaga game video clip, instead of the home game with the Stohl fade-away 3-point shot! I salute you NopoNeighbor!

Gonzaga 81, Portland 78
Preview - Box Score - Recap
(19) Gonzaga423981Final 
  M. Bouldin404-122-810-11139010120 
  D. Goodson272-50-10-10230004
  E. Harris347-111-23-7270110218 
  R. Sacre152-30-00-10202015
  S. Gray231-80-50-01223002
  B. Kong174-62-42-4241100112 
  M. Arop61-10-00-00200000
  G. Gibbs21-10-00-00000001
  K. Olynyk224-61-14-5471010213 
  G.J. Vilarino51-20-00-00000000
  W. Foster91-20-00-01300001
 Percentages:.491.286.655Team Rebounds: 4
  R. Smeulders269-100-06-10240001524 
  K. Knutson191-20-00-11110002
  E. Niedermeyer271-71-51-20210014
  N. Raivio357-140-31-2162310215 
  T.J. Campbell343-110-22-315120003
  J. Hannibal10-00-00-00000000
  L. Sikma243-50-01-21710013
  T. Ito70-00-00-00101101
  J. Stohl276-116-90-0123000118 
 Percentages:.500.368.550Team Rebounds: 3
 Game Info
 Technical Fouls:  None
 Attendance: 5,003
 Officials: Ken Ditty, Scott Harris, Kevin Cutler