Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sportsbook Report: Pilots (+3.5) vs. Saint Mary's Gaels

By Wally Jeter

 When we look back at the most untouchable streaks in sports: Dimaggio's 56 consecutive games with a hit, Cal Ripken's 2,632 consecutive games played, Lance Armstrong's 7 straight Tour de France wins (errrr….), I’m pretty sure my 3 game WCC betting streak will be held up right along with those in the annuls of history. And that’s why I have been going back and forth on this game all day.

Bovada has the Pilots as +3.5pt underdogs. This will be their first time as underdogs in this current home stretch. When the Pilots play with momentum, they are a tough team to beat and that win over Pacific seemed to re-energize the team. Not to mention St. Mary’s has some problems. No more Matthew Dellavedova for one, for some reason that ugly Aussie is getting paid the league minimum to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers this year. Also, they will be playing without their head coach Randy Bennett, who is on a 5-game suspension which started 12/30 vs. Pacific*.

For me it all comes down to this: I remember sitting in my seat last year and feeling the bitterness sweep over me as Saint Mary's beat us by 22 at home, not to mention holding us to only 38 points. It was a low in my personal and Pilot life. Then a couple weeks later they really waxed us by 35 on the road. After that, how am supposed to take Pilots +3.5? Sorry readers, can’t do it. Take the favorites.

Pilots Courtside Bet: Saint Mary's -3.5

(Season record on Courtside Bets 3-0)

Everybody welcome home Stephen Holt by giving him a loud chorus of boos. Should have stayed in state Stephen. This is Stephen dunking for Jesuit. STEVE HOLT!

*Our reporter Jack Wellington erroneously reported in his WCC rankings that he sat out the first 5 games of the season, and then he was viciously called out by PurpleGeezer on the message board for this mistake. Well we saw that PurpleGeezer, because we see everything here at the Pilots Courtside Offices. And we’re coming back at you, hard, so keep your posts factual because we’ll be monitoring you. We practice Gotcha Journalism here.