Friday, January 3, 2014

Seven bullets from the sixth man

By Orlando Blocker

Halftime Show Review: Pee-wee basketball league = Best.  The assistants should really get on the horn with #12.

Skills Drill:  Breaking the press.  Things were scary there for a while.

Top Display of Emotion:  Nicholas getting tangled up while rebounding, letting out a barbaric yawp, and then boxing out in the post like his life depends on it.

Mascot Watch: I'm not sure if Wally was fighting the flu or just carrying around some extra holiday pounds, but did it seem like the energy just wasn't there?

Stat of the Night: Vandernicholas combining for 34/24.  Note to the rest of the WCC: You don't want this, and you can't handle this.

Sartorial Corner: Don't look now, but I think Reveno may have a new tailor.  

Passport Stamps:  David Taylor from Pacific hails from Eckersdorf, Germany, where the highest elevation is the Sophienberg with an altitude of 593 m.  Great mountain for off-season conditioning runs.