Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pilots vs Saint Mary's : Game Notes

By Wally Jeter

Why hath you forsaken us Lord? The Priest was on the bench again tonight but it wasn't enough for the win. 

Matt Hodgson and the Gaels responded with some darker forces. (Great GIF file from

Pilots came out real hot from the start, hitting about every shot they were taking. But by halftime the Gaels had caught and passed them and were holding onto a 6 point lead. Saint Mary's big man Brad Waldow was impossible to deal with down low for the Pilot's frontcourt. The Pilots made numerous runs at the end of the game to make things interesting but couldn't get over the hump. Fun game to watch though, like I said in my Sportsbook column, as long as we're not being held to 38 points at home again, I'm happy.

Other random notes from the game:

  • Lots of foul trouble tonight. Kevin Bailey fouled out. Ryan Nicholas had 4. Gerun had to step in and play 20 minutes tonight to try to slow down their big men. 
  • It's hard to win shooting only 38% from the field, especially when it's a low scoring grinder of a game. Nicholas led the team with 12 points, and we're going to need one of the big three to post bigger numbers than that to take down a solid team like Saint Mary's.
  • Although you wouldn't be able to tell from the box score, Korey Thieleke actually was very big tonight. He was all over the place on defense (in a good way), using his athleticism to poke the ball free and making things tough on the Gaels in the passing lanes. Give this guy more minutes Rev!
  • Bobby Sharp got fouled twice near the end of the game on 3-point attempts. One of the craziest things I've seen in recent Pilot history. What exactly is the strategy behind guarding him so tight when you're up for 10 with 30 seconds to go? Their interim head coach needed to take control out there, get in some faces.
  • For all the local Stephen Holt honks out there. Don't be too excited by his numbers last night. Most of his points came from free throws at the end of the game when the Pilots had to foul to stay alive. Not exactly a triumphant return Stevie.