Monday, January 6, 2014

Celebration Etiquette

By Orlando Blocker

I’m not saying that the Pilots ARE underdogs to Gonzaga, but I AM saying that the crowd will get pretty excited if the Bulldogs go down on Thursday.

In case you get lost in this, or any other upset moment, here’s some questions to ask before you storm the court:

Question 1 – Physical location
Basketball court: Maybe…go to question 2

Supreme Court: Just no.

Question 2 – What level of basketball?
High school/College –
                Are you a parent? – Best to stay put.

                Student? – Move to question 3.
Pro (Domestic) –
                Is it game six of the 1977 NBA Finals?  - YES!!!

                Are you the team owner? – Maybe.  Mark Cuban need not apply.

                Are you wearing a replica jersey? – Never.  Go home and think about your life decisions.             

Pro (Foreign) –
                Do you like your chances in a barfight? – If yes, move to question 3

Question 3 – What’s at stake?
National title/state championship – Definitely.

League championship: Maybe (Bottom of bracket underdogs only).  

Regular season game: Almost never (Jazz fans exempt). 

·         9th through 12th man

·         Announcers (Possible exception for Mike Rice)