Monday, December 30, 2013

Pilots vs. Santa Clara: Game Notes

By Wally Jeter

Well Shit! 0-2 in conference play. But don't worry readers, it's cool. It's a five game home stand, we still got 3 more to go (One is Gonzaga, so really we should call it 2). Anyways, Pacific is new in the conference and they probably suck, so let's just focus on that one. If Reveno wants to keep his job, he needs to pull out a few of these. 

Other Random notes from the game:

  • Tommy Van Der Mars (23 Pts / 7 Rebs) and Kevin Bailey (19 Pts / 6 Rebs) picked up the scoring load tonight, however Bailey only shot 36% which ain't ideal.
  • Ryan Nicholas shot decently tonight and grabbed 13 Rebs but really isn't the center of the offense anymore.
  • Santa Clara ran a small lineup at the Pilots tonight, they played 3 guards under 6'3'' and each of them had 20 pts. They also had 11 3-pointers between the guards. TORCHED!
I don't care what the haters are saying Reveno, I love shortening up the bench and playing the starters big minutes. I got a fever and the only cure is more Van Der Mars.