Monday, December 30, 2013

Pilots vs. Santa Clara: Game Notes

By Wally Jeter

Well Shit! 0-2 in conference play. But don't worry readers, it's cool. It's a five game home stand, we still got 3 more to go (One is Gonzaga, so really we should call it 2). Anyways, Pacific is new in the conference and they probably suck, so let's just focus on that one. If Reveno wants to keep his job, he needs to pull out a few of these. 

Other Random notes from the game:

  • Tommy Van Der Mars (23 Pts / 7 Rebs) and Kevin Bailey (19 Pts / 6 Rebs) picked up the scoring load tonight, however Bailey only shot 36% which ain't ideal.
  • Ryan Nicholas shot decently tonight and grabbed 13 Rebs but really isn't the center of the offense anymore.
  • Santa Clara ran a small lineup at the Pilots tonight, they played 3 guards under 6'3'' and each of them had 20 pts. They also had 11 3-pointers between the guards. TORCHED!
I don't care what the haters are saying Reveno, I love shortening up the bench and playing the starters big minutes. I got a fever and the only cure is more Van Der Mars.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sportsbook Report: Pilots (-7.5) vs. Santa Clara

By Wally Jeter

Apparently the bookmakers were undeterred by the Pilots 6 point loss to San Francisco Saturday night. They are making the Pilots 7.5 point favorites again two days later (per Last year the Broncos smashed the Pilots twice by double digits. Based on these facts and years of Pilot shame, I’m going to keep going away from the Pilots when they are large favorites until they prove me wrong. Prove me wrong Bobby Sharp!

Pilot Courtside Bet: Santa Clara +7.5

(Season record on Pilot Courtside Bets 1-0)

Pilots vs. San Francisco: Game Notes

By Wally Jeter

This game was back and forth from beginning to end. Junior starter Kevin Bailey was hot this game, dropping 24 points and 3 steals. For some unknown reason, Reveno dispatched with his regular YMCA style equal minutes for all strategy and went nuts playing Bailey 40 minutes (career high) and playing Freshman Alec Wintering 38 minutes (career high)! Pilots were up by 8 at halftime after a last second corner three from Bailey but managed to give that back in the second half. All game they had trouble stopping Center Mark Tollefsen of the Dons, he had 22 points on 9-11 shooting (nothing worse than being schooled by a dude wearing a T-shirt under his jersey not named Shaq). This one went to overtime after Chris Adams from the Dons hit a crazy three at the end of regulation. The Pilots were pretty much done from there and got grinded out. Alec Wintering had a season high 13 assists Saturday night, it seems like he is the lone guy at PG Reveno trusts with the ball anymore. If he continues to put up these numbers, he could make a run up the Pilot’s all-time assist leaders list. Suck on that Erik Spoelstra (#3 on list). If Wintering could consistently hit the three, he could have a real career ahead of him (overseas…..). David Carr got a DNP tonight (whether he is injured or on Reveno’s shitlist is unclear). 

Dampen your hopes Pilot fans, if we can’t beat San Francisco at home, then this season is going to be sketchy.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sportsbook Report: Portland Pilots (-7) vs. San Francisco Dons

As of 5 minutes ago, the Pilots(8-4) were 7 point favorites against the Dons (7-5) at home. The Pilots are coming off a hot showing (2-0) against some Ivy League nerds, last week at the South Point Hoops Holiday classic.  The Dons have won 4 of their last 6, and this is the first conference game for both teams.

Last season both games played between the two teams were decided by 3 points or less, with each team taking a win. Although the Pilots have been playing well lately, this is a step up in competition. Take San Francisco and the points.

Pilots Courtside Bet: San Francisco +7

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